Mad Mattr Master Builder Mini Extruder Set



Six mini extruders (square, hexagon, triangle, house, circle, & star), plastic knife, two Mad Matt*r  5 oz bags (pink & blue).

Ages 4+

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Get inspired with this unique set of mini extruders! Open up the two five-ounce pouches of Mad mattr in pink and blue – it’s a unique molding material that never dries out, is easy to clean up, and is Wheat, gluten, and casein free. Just holding this unique compound in your hands instantly gets the creative juices flowing. But then, fill each of the shape-molding extruders with the stuff and pretty soon you’re well on your way to creating the ultimate masterpiece. Octagons, triangles, stars, circles, squares, and house shapes – combine them any way you want and you’ll quickly realize the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination! Become a master of Mad mattr creativity with the Mad mattr master builder mini extruder box set.

  • Relevant Play is the global manufacturer of Mad Mattr, the Unbelievable Dough You Build With!
  • Includes 6 mini extruders, safe cutting tool, 2 Bounce pouches of Mad mattr in pink and blue
  • Extruder shapes include Octagon, triangle, Star, circle, square, house
  • UNIQUE, NOT-TOXIC FORMULA: Mad Mattr’s unique never dries out, non-toxic formula is gluten-, casein- and wheat-free, and available in 8 colors that can be mixed together, too! For Ages 3-103.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 10.75 × 2.12 in

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