Family Adventure Night

Family Adventure Night at Fog Town Toys is a FREE, family friendly, 60-minute scavenger-like event filled with friends, giveaways, raffle prizes, music and more.

Your family’s adventure starts when you arrive at Fog Town Toys between 5-6pm to check-in and try cool products, games and activities from Adventure Night sponsors for FREE! Then, at 6pm see the map of the course for the evening and get ready to rock with tons of other families, just like you! Plot your adventure then hit the road and collect as many raffle tickets from as many checkpoints as possible within 60 minutes. Your family’s adventure is at your own pace so run, walk, scooter or hop – whatever works for you. Head back to Fog Town Toys by 7pm and feel amazing for the work you just accomplished and the fun that lies ahead! High-five new friends, grab a tasty beverage, and have your chance to win TONS in FREE raffle prizes…FOR FREE! Bring your family, friends, kids, co-workers, even friendly dogs – Family Adventure Night is FREE Fun for people of all ages!

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