COVID-19 is going to require a serious sense of humor if we are going to make it out of this in one piece…

Hi Families,

I don’t know about you but at my house, we are doing pretty good for a chunk of hours and then someone will loose their marbles for a minute and then we go back to doing okay for a chunk and then we all have a good laugh or have some fun snarky comments to share.  Overall we are hopeful and trying to enjoy the unique opportunities this situation is presenting us with on a daily basis.  At the same time, we are trying to honor the anxiety that ebbs and flows as the days continue on in a  “shelter in place” environment. I am trying to laugh at as much as I can because it appears that’s the only way through this crazy place we are all in.  Here are some moments and musings from my life that perhaps you can relate to, laugh at or find joy in;

1. Having an immature, inexperienced and overly curious co-worker…and the work day is all day long (time stamped 12:19am)

2. Realizing that your screen time for the day has exceeded the weeks limit

3. Extending hugs and grounding love when concerns about grandparents getting sick become overwhelming

4. Days 1-4: sticking to the school schedule like a Boss!, Days 5-8: Realizing that adjusting the school schedule is in everyone’s best interest, Days 9+: Making our own schedule and introducing new subjects like “Fishing”, “Social Media Marketing” and the like.

5. Realizing that my child has overheard too many adult concerns and too much adult talk but there’s no where to go and stuff has to get dealt with

6. Riding bikes with my child down empty streets and feeling free

7. Riding bikes for exercise and getting the best workout of my life because I refuse to be in someone’s slipstream

8. Family game time after dinner (my husband is kicking ass on a regular basis which seems unfair as I am supposed to be the game guru)

9. Family puzzle breakfasts (coffee, pjs and artifact puzzles = bliss)

10. Getting to help older members in my family and understanding that helping means sheltering their exposure as much as possible

10. Being impressed with my daughter’s ability to hold so many mixed emotions and to articulate them

11. Doing conference and video calls for work in the garage with bikes, tools, boxes abound…all with horrifying lighting

12. Kitchen dance parties when my child would normally be in school

13. Actually cleaning the garage

14. FaceTime happy hours – I’m somehow seeing my friends more than I would without a pandemic – score!


What are some of your moments and musings? Perhaps we can relate, laugh and rejoice as we read yours.